George Tomeski


  • 20 years experience as a founder and co-founder of multiple businesses, an investor in 25+ technology start-ups, advisor, mentor, and supporter of many more.

  • Founder of Venture-Store, a pioneering early-stage venture fund with 20+ investment across healthcare, IIoT, energy/renewables, media, fintech, and social enterprise.

  • Founded, built, and sold two major advertising & marketing agencies to multinationals.  Scaled first agency to $400m+ in revenue within 4 years, the second to $55m in 18 months. 

  • Co-Founded two major Australian tech ventures, Revo/PlayUp and Fetch TV, achieving valuations of $500m plus. 

  • With deep experience in brand and market development, has the ability to craft compelling stories and narratives for ideas and new technologies that is essential for driving market adoption.

  • Highly skilled at rapid scale-up strategies and raising significant capital to fund venture growth. 

  • A futurist at heart, always looking ahead, able to envisage and articulate clearly the opportunities that technological change may herald.

Key Investments