Investment Model

  • We will typically invest in your early stage of development – we expect to be your first external capital, possibly with, or after, an Angel round.

  • We want you to have a minimum viable product and a small, but growing, customer list (Product / Customers / Revenue).

  • We will lead the seed round aiming to commit 50% of the capital required; we will match this with aligned co-investors.

  • This approach extends your runway and reduces the investment risk for us.

  • We tend to stagger our capital commitments over time, as you demonstrate traction.

  • We are ‘high-touch’ in the early years of your journey and will take up board representation.

  • We invest in ventures from our partners, & graduates from accelerator or incubator programs, as well as in independent startups.

  • We use our resource sharing agreements with our partners to secure deep domain expertise across many sectors. This is cost effective and delivers scale.

  • We will go long and deep in our top performing companies aiming to hold our stake through to exit.