Early, privileged access to market-making ideas, technologies, people, and companies that are destined to shape the world is more essential than ever to investor returns.

Why invest in innovation-led early stage

Starry Sky

Early Stage Ventures

Invest to

solve real & emerging global needs

Potential for extraordinary returns

Low entry valuation

Fast & high growth


University spin-out innovation

Access break-through technologies

Leverage non-dilutive funding


Invest VERY early


Limited competition 

Abstract Waves

Specialist ESVC Fund

Professional investment management with expertise in this sector needed over long-term

Secure attractive follow on rights

Provide critical scale & diversification

Returns are capital gains tax free for Australian tax payers as SCV is a compliance ESVCLP Fund

Why invest with Significant Capital Ventures


Specialist team


Deep networks and capabilities in commercialisation, spin-out, market-development scaleup and exits


Strong deal flow from partner research & incubators


Active partnership with partners to "work-up" opportunities and accelerate to successful commercialisation and spin-out.

We dont just invest - we source and create the opportunities.


Enhanced Returns

Access at the earliest stage of professional investment secures SCV significant equity stakes at early valuations.

ESVCLP compliant fund provides attractive tax benefits to Australian private investors  




Access follow on investment opportunities in pre-screened early stage ventures

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